GPS Walking Tracks


There are in the vicinity of Quinta das Cegonhas various GPS walking tracks.

A GPS device is present. With this device you can walk the tracks without fear to get lost. You arrive at the most beautiful places in the area.
Most walks start from the campsite, but it is also possible to walk elsewhere in the area. The walks range from 5 to 20 km with sometimes considerable height.

Alle wandelingen

A short walk of 4.5 km from the campsite.

rondje melo 4500m

Folgosinho 9,3 km
A walk to the village Folgosinho, uphill with a difference of 400 meters. It is the second highest village of Portugal.
Beautiful vilage for to have a walk around. There are several places for to drink or eat something.

folgosinhos 9km

A walk of 14,6 km to Folgosinho
First a steady climb upward through tereein pretty open with beautiful views. Then slowly descend through a forested area to the village where Fogosinhokoofie awaits.
If you have watched the village you will cross an old roman path back to the campsite.

folgosinhos 16km

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Melo, 13,9 km.

Freixo da serra 14km

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Peneda dos Mouros, 20 km

escadas 20km

Gouveia 16 km

gouveia 16km


The short walk

richting gouveia 9200m

Linhares, Folgosinho, Melo, 12,7 km

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Rondwandeling vanaf Vale do Rossim naar Cume