Privacy law

Privacy policy of Quinta das Cegonhas Iniciativas Turisticas, Lda

This privacy policy applies to the personal data processed by Quinta das Cegonhas from its guests.

Quinta das Cegonhas receives personal information from her guests when requesting information via the website.


Request information:

Quinta das Cegonhas receives the name of the person requesting information.

When providing information and processing it, data is provided by the guest but not kept by Quinta das Cegonhas, not even in the system of the website.

When providing information and processing a reservation for an accommodation, the guest's name and e-mail address is kept until the guest has stayed here and checked out. The email address is saved with the guest's consent and used when sending a newsletter. Other data is not saved.

When a reservation is made for the campsite, the name of the guest is noted on the day of arrival in the agenda. The agenda is annulled annually.


The following information is requested at check-in:



Date of birth


Number of passport or other identification document.


What is this information for?

Name, place of residence and country of residence is used in our own administration system and kept for 2 years.

Name, place of birth, date of birth, place of residence and identification number are entered by Quinta das Cegonhas in the registration system of the Serviços Estrangeiros (SEF) in Portugal. This is mandatory for us up to this moment. This personal information is not kept by Quinta das Cegonhas.

In the case of settlement, the surname of the relevant guest and his customer number is entered in the Elabora accounting program. This program is connected to the tax authorities. For those who want an invoice with VAT number, the VAT number is entered in the system and the invoice is turned out.

Questions, ambiguities, complaints can be reported at any time via the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or telephone: 00351 238745886

Or 00351 964887625

This privacy policy can be changed by Quinta das Cegonhas on charges of one complete amendment of the law or the immigration service