Beginner’s yoga 

2000px Lotus position.svgMindfulness in Motion

Our Yoga classes are focused on gentle stretching, breathing and relaxation in the beautiful grounds of Quinta Das Cegonhas, every monday, thursday and Saturday during the summer.

Our classes are suited to beginners, if you have never done yoga before this is an excellent opportunity to try; our classes include alternative poses for people who may be struggling with injury or just general stiffness. The classes are slow and easy to follow and if you need to take a break from a position that’s completely fine.

We teach yoga as a holistic way of life, rather than just a physical exercise and respect each person’s physical limits. If you are more advanced at yoga, you can still join the classes as they are still beneficial and very meditative.

Please bring water, wear comfortable clothing and if you have a mat thats great, if not we will provide you with one.

Please contact reception the day before to book your place.