Activities for all Ages


Walk to Folgosinho with Lunch

Every second Sunday of the month we make a walk to Folgosinho.

We leave at 10.30 from the Quinta and collect at the bar/terrace. The walk lasts between 1 1/5 and 2 hours. We arrive between 12.00 and 12.30 in the mountain village Folgosinho. Here we join a barbecue on the square at the communal washing place. There is some time to look around in the village and on the market.

With this walk in which we can enjoy the beautiful landscape and see a typical village in the region.

After the delicious lunch we walk back to the Quinta.

The costs for lunch are 6,50€ p.p.


Geocaching ( there are two geocaches at Quinta das Cegonhas)



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Funny afternoon

A funny afternoon includes inflatables, face paintings and games.

There is a large panel to be painted and all children can leave their mark, they are able to give their imagination.

At the end of these activities, there is a dinner with the following menu:

- Chips with hamburger or croquette;

- Crepe with ice cream and chocolate sauce

- Fizzy drink


Movie Night

Will be for all the children at the campsite. The place is near the trampoline.

Here is everything equipped with chairs and a TV for children to watch the film (current or chosen film of children).

They get Popcorn and fizzy drinks.

A pleasant evening together.


Night Swimming

From 20.30 to 21.00 when it gets dark, everyone can go to the pool. the lights of the pool are already on. So the pool looks beautiful and the water is always comfortable. Lie on your back in the bath and then look at the stars, very special. Come take a look.

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Evening Walk

The walk for 6 to 18 year olds accompanied by an adult. The walk is 3 km and goes through the streets of the village of Melo.

All participants must bring a flashlight. The walk takes about 1 hour.

Afterwards you can still swim in the pool with the lights on.



If we have a group of young people who like cooking, we organize a TAPA evening.

Young people will be divided into two groups:

- Kitchen group

- Activity group

The kitchen group is with Gerard (chef). They make a menu and do the shopping. The tapas will be made by the young people and Gerard in two kitchens. The activity group provides dance, music and theater during the tapa evening. We eat  on the terrace and the intention is that it is really an evening for the children / young people and their families.

A very lively and unique evening at a Quinta in Portugal!