Quinta das Cegonhas

Camping, rooms, apartments, holiday house in Serra da Estrela nature park

Walking tracks

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  • Walk through the valley of Melo (Melo, Freixo da Serra):

Departure and arrival Quinta das Cegonhas
The Long version is 10 km. The short version is 4,5 km.
Height: ± 130 m

NEW: three short walks from the quinta with a lenght from 5 tilll 7 km.

  • Walk to the village Folgosinho: Departure and arrival Quinta das Cegonhas:

Short version is 9.3 km. The long version is 12 km.
Height: ± 350 m.

  • The Three Villages Walk (Freixo da Serra, Linhares, Figueiró da serra):

Departure and arrival. Freixo da Serra (at 5 km. from the quinta)
Distance: ± 14 km.  Height: 170 m.

  • Walk Linhares ( 16 km. from the quinta) (Linhares, Folgosinho, Melo):

Departure: Linhares. Arrival: Quinta das Cegonhas .
Distance: ± 13 km
Height: ± 110 m.

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  • Walk Gouveia (Nabais. S.Paio, Gouveia):

Departure and arrival: Quinta das Cegonhas
Distance: ± 16 km.
Height: ± 520 m.

  • Historic Walk Melo:

Departure and arrival: Quinta das Cegonhas
Walk through the village.

  • Walk up hill of Folgosinho, `Rota dos Galhardos` (6km. from the Quinta):

Departure and arrival: Folgosinho
Distance: 11 km. Height: 367 m.

Walk which starts at Sra Assedace (18 km. from the quinta) This walk is in the valley of the river Mondego

Distance: 9 km.

Descriptions of all the walks are available at the reception. There is a detailed road map available for using by the guests.

By the receprton is new information available about tracks in the area of Manteigas. You can use a leaflet or make a copy of the QR code.

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