Jeep tours around the Quinta das Cegonhas - house of the storks - Serra da Estrela. Jeep tours are offered for groups with their own jeeps, from the Quinta.

You can stay at the campsite or in one of our accommodations.

It's a different way of making contact with the region, such as getting to know the cultural heritage, small villages, the details of the landscape and discover the wildlife. Enjoy the winding paths through the countryside with occasional small obstacle.

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The tours are led by an experienced guide. The distances are between 85 and 130 km per day. The trips and the distances are determined by agreement between the group and the guide. The goal is to visit as many different sides of the Serra.

Quinta das Cegonhas provides an arrangement which may consist of the following:

- Accommodations / camping

- Breakfast

- Packed Lunches

- Bar

- Dinner


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Proposal program:

Day 1: Arrival and evening dinner

Day 2 and 3*:

- Breakfast

- 10:00 departure jeep tour with lunch

- 17:00 pm back at the quinta

- 19.30 dinner

Day 4: Departure after breakfast

* Number of days is variable.

Places to be visited:

- Gouveia;

- Vale do Rossim;

- Penhas Douradas;

- Manteigas;

- Senhora da Assedasse;

- Torre;

- Valhelhas;

- Sabugueiro;

- And others .......

For more information and / or to request a offer we refer to the contact form on this site.