Excursion to our wine supplier "Passarela"

Passarela is a domain in this area that makes wine in a professional way. The distance to the domain is approximately 18 km. Minimum participation: 10 persons. Costs per person: € 10,00.  In this price are included the excursion, in English, the wine tasting and a box with 2 bottles of wine.  

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Own transport.  GPS: 40º29´48,06´´;0007º40´14,08´´.

Cervas Bird project 

A visit to this project worthwile for those who are interested in nature, especially in birds The Cervas project has all the necessary equipment for recovering wounded  birds. The responsible veterinarian will take care of the excursion and will tell you, in English, all about the project and the birds. 
Entry is free but you are free to contribute to the project by adopting a bird or buying some products of Cervas.

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Own transport. GPS: 40º30´10.24´´;007º34´32.09´´.
Minimum participation: 8 persons.
Ask at the reception about the possibilities.